You can support LARHF in many ways
People who support the Los Angeles Railroad Heritage Foundation do so in many different ways. We're hopeful that you see one or more options that appeal to you.

Become a Supporter
Annual support levels start at just $35 and include valued benefits. Please click here to review our support levels and select the one that is right for you.

Make a financial gift
LARHF welcomes your valued financial support.

Donate shares of stock or mutual funds to LARHF
Gifts of appreciated securities are tax deductible at their full market value. In most cases, appreciation in the value of the security benefits LARHF and is not taxable to the donor. Please contact LARHF at (626) 458-4449 for more information.

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Contribute to our collection
The Los Angeles Railroad Heritage Foundation welcomes your contributions to our growing collection. We focus primarily on the following areas:

  • Imagery of Southern California rail-themed subject matter from all eras: this includes prints, negatives, transparencies (slides), glass plates, and more — if the subject matter is railroad or related, please contact us.
  • Documentation of Southern California rail subject matter: books, railroad materials, anything related to our rail heritage — we'd like to help preserve and share it with the public.

The key benefit of supporting LARHF is the knowledge that your materials will not be consigned to closet storage somewhere — we will actively document and preserve whatever we receive, and make it available for persual and research by supporters and the public alike.

You can rest assured that your donation of information, content and imagery to the Los Angeles Railroad Heritage Foundation will be cared for, shared, and brought into the light of day so that its importance and impact can be felt by all.

To discuss your contribution, please contact us at your convenience.