November 1914


What Can You Tell Us That Is New?

The Signal Engineer published articles on railroad maintenance. For instance an enumeration of the things, which should have regular attention, and of places where trouble was most likely to be met; also of methods used in the maintenance of mechanical, electro-pneumatic or electric interlocking plants or signals.


Articles were published on (1) causes of automatic signal failures – giving preventives and methods of locating trouble and repairing it; (2) combining track work maintenance of telegraph, and other duties with signal maintenance; (3) kinks, describing new devices, methods, etc.


Even in 1914 the concept of Positive Train Control (PTC) was already of great concern as discussed in this edition of the Signal Engineer. “The increased attention being given the subject of automatic stops and audible signals and the 214-mile installation of automatic stops on the Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railroad was of considerable interest. The work which was being done in Great Britain on similar automatic devices was illustrated in a report from the Board of Trade recommended that the railway carry out combined experiments on different automatic stops and in the meantime that the use of torpedo machines for giving an audible indication to the engineman be extended until such time as a satisfactory stop, or stops had been developed.”

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